SVG back to PlantUML

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asked Jul 14, 2022 in Question / help by anonymous
hi all,

I am new in using PlantUML,

initially created sequence diagram and created .SVG, as the idea is that work is "compatible" with confluence.

now I want to re-use that .SVG to make some changes and create a new seq. diagram and .SVG.

SVG is in my local hard disk,

should I build the right URL to decode it back?

can someone , please help,

kind regards

commented Jul 15, 2022 by Martin (8,360 points)

Check out section on extracting metadata from an image (i think it would work for SVG as well as PNG), it might be what you need.

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answered Jul 15, 2022 by Martin (8,360 points)

I expected to be able to use the "-metadata" switch on a .svg to extract the source stored in the metadata.  But this returned "null" in my tests.  I'm not sure if this is a bug - the doc only refers to it working with .png, but I can't see why it shouldn't work with .svg as well. 

But the good news is that SVG files are text, so if you load it into a text editor you should be able to find your source code and copy it into a new puml file.

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answered Jul 16, 2022 by costateixeira (460 points)
Unless you deliberately old plantuml to exclude the source from the svg, the svg should contain the original source as a comment at the end of the file.

For example check the source of this file: