Changes to the svg-file in recent versions of PlantUMl.

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Background: I share my program, m2uml, at the Matlab File Exchange. m2uml creates a PlantUML class diagram script based on MATLAB source code. PlantUML takes the script and outputs an svg-file. A MATLAB internal viewer displays the class diagram. The diagram features both MATLAB specific hyper-links and tooltips. I use the triple bracket syntax, "[[[". This has worked well since hyperlinks was introduced in PlantUML. The MATLAB internal viewer correctly displays the PlantUML version 1.2018.09 svg-files. Both the hyperlinks and the tooltips works well. However, with PlantUML version 1.2019.07 the hyper-links "are gone". The pointer doesn't turn into a hand and there is no visible response to left-clicking. The svg-files generated by the two versions, 1.2018.09 and 1.2019.07, reveal differences when displayed in a text editor.

I assume that my problem is caused by limitations of the MATLAB internal viewer.

Questions: Is it possible to download older PlantUML versions from the PlantUML website? I have asked users to download from your website. If not, I assume I can describe the reason and attach plantuml.1.2018.09.jar to my m2uml.  

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It's possible that some changes occurs in the way that SVG files are generated.

However, I think we could fix it.

So to help us, it would be nice if you would provide:

  • A simple .puml file with the tripple bracket syntax [[[
  • The SVG file generated with this simple .puml with old PlantUML (so with hyperlink working)
  • The SVG file generated with this simple .puml with newer PlantUML (so with hyperlink gone)
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A fix would be great!

This dropbox url

links to

test_0_1_2018_09.puml  test_0_1_2019_7.puml   
test_0_1_2018_09.svg   test_0_1_2019_7.svg   

The file names include the PlantUML version number. The two puml-files are identical. The two svg-files differ.

The Matlab viewer handles test_0_1_2018_09.svg as expected, i.e.when over "single_method" the pointer turns into a "hand", the tooltip displays and clicking opens the source file in the Matlab editor.

With  test_0_1_2019_7.svg  the tooltip displays, but the pointer does not turn into a "hand" and clicking has no effect.

Thanks for looking into this!

PS. There is the same issue with the double bracket syntax [[. Clicking the class name, "HyperLinkIssue" in  test_0_1_2018_09.svg opens the source file in the editor. With  test_0_1_2019_7.svg it does not.