Hide option for unlinked participants in a page

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asked Jul 19 in Wanted features by Neil

I am creating an end-to-end sequence diagram which has multiple participants using `newpage` option as the plantuml auto splits into the numbered pages. So, looking for a feature to hide participants if they are unlinked in a page. As an example

hide unlinked

actor A

participant P1
participant P2
participant P3

== Page1 ==

A -> P1: Action P1.1

A -> P2: Action P2.1


== Page 2 ==

A -> P2: Action P2.2

A -> P3: Action P3


At the moment, this shows P1, P2, P3 in all sequence diagrams.

I am looking to hide:

  • P3 in Image1
  • P1 in Image2
Thanks to evaluate the request.

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