Arrows thickness parameter not working

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asked Aug 31 in Bug by GrandeTiti (140 points)


For the deployment diagram, it seems the thickness parameter of the arrow is not working in the latest versions.

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title Bracketed line style mix
node foo
foo --> bar                             : ∅
foo -[#red,thickness=1]-> bar1          : [#red,1]
foo -[#red,dashed,thickness=2]-> bar2   : [#red,dashed,2]
foo -[#green,dashed,thickness=4]-> bar3 : [#green,dashed,4]
foo -[#blue,dotted,thickness=8]-> bar4  : [blue,dotted,8]
foo -[#blue,plain,thickness=16]-> bar5  : [blue,plain,16]
foo -[#blue;#green,dashed,thickness=4]-> bar6  : [blue;green,dashed,4]

commented Aug 31 by The-Lu (49,840 points)

Hello G.,

  • What is your version?

On v1.2022.8beta2, we can see:

If that can help,

commented Aug 31 by GrandeTiti (140 points)
The latest 1.2022.7, not the beta version.

Thank you for the fast answer.

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