closed EBNF theo as default?

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asked Oct 7, 2022 in Wanted features by Todd Musheno (2,680 points)
closed Oct 7, 2022 by Todd Musheno
Although these 2 diagrams are kind of technically correct, the one without the pragma is very hard to read.

Could we switch the logic such that the default behavior is the expanded easier to read one.

So switch the defaults on these so default=theo, and the current display would require something like pragma notheo?
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1 Answer

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answered Oct 7, 2022 by plantuml (295,000 points)

Good news, we have switch the default to the usual drawing :-)

The pragma has been renamed to "compact" for those who like the compact version.

Hope this help!

commented Oct 7, 2022 by Todd Musheno (2,680 points)
awesome, thanks!