Beta version of the new online server

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A new beta version of the online server is available here:

Users can provide feedback about this beta in this thread :

  • what you like,
  • what you dislike,
  • what you are expecting,
  • what you are not understanding,
  • ...

The PlantUML team

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I do a lot of experiments with layouts. That is because I and graphviz often disagreesad

I like

  • That this service exists. Those responsible for our computers are a bit reluctant towards download and installation of software they don't know.
  • The clean and simple interface.
  • The dual screen; a significant improvement over PlantUML Server
  • The persistence. I'm recognised and my last diagram is the current task automatically. I hardly ever lose any work. That happend with PlantUML Server.
  • Save and Load.

I dislike

  • The latency. I constantly "lose" keystrokes. That is because the time it takes to update the diagram. I think I would use an option to disable the continious update of the diagram, if there were such an option.
  • My uml-code becomes difficult to read. I constantly tries to line up the code with the "space-bar", e.g. all arrows starting at the same position. I would like to set a few tab-stop-positons and use the tab-key.

I'm expecting

  • I don't take free services on the net for granted.
  • To be honest I was a bit disappointed when I realized that I could save only four diagrams.
  • A short help text. Now I have to find out.

I don't  understand

  • whether it possible to upload uml-code and download the diagram automatically from within MATLAB. However, then I wouldn't see the ads, which is part of our "contract".
  • It took me some time to understand that the TITLE of the diagram is used as name of the saved uml-code.
  • how much storage space (for save/load) I'm allowed.
  • how to Load saved diagrams (in contrast to deleting)sad OK: far left is DELETE and far right is LOAD. For a moment I didn't realize the difference.