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asked Feb 10 in Won't fix by Daniel

No .skin file seems to be available

Windows 11 21H2 22000.1455
Java JRE/JDK 8.202

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answered Feb 10 by plantuml (293,520 points)
It looks like there is an issue in your plantuml.jar file.

Where did you download it from ?
commented Feb 10 by Daniel
I've downloaded it from GitHub repository by this link:

Firstly, I downloaded an extension in Vscode and it was saying "This version of PlantUML is 172 days old, so you should consider upgrading from". Then I googled and found a solution to just download manually the new version of plantuml.jar
commented Feb 10 by plantuml (293,520 points)

We've just tested and it seems to be fine to us.

Could you double-click on the jar file to test it directly without using any plugins ?


commented Feb 11 by Daniel
reshown Feb 11
Actually it says the same "No .skin file seems to be available

Link for the screenshot:

I think that this error caused by operational system, but actually I don't know
commented Feb 11 by plantuml (293,520 points)
It very strange: it looks like some files are missing in your .jar file.

If your rename plantuml-1.2023.1.jar to and if you open this .zip file, you should find a "/skin/" folder inside, with "" there. Did you have this /skin/ folder in your .jar/.zip archive ?
commented Feb 11 by Daniel
Yes, I have skin folder, there is a screenshot of content from the folder:
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answered Feb 12 by Daniel (author)
Oh my god... I've solved the problem by renaming my user folder. Before it was like "user!", and I guess it was thinking that this exclamation point represented something like not-statement