Procedure with variadic arguments?

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asked Feb 24 in Question / help by Douglas Pagani
It's been tough to google for this question, but I spent around a hour so I feel like that was enough good faith effort.

If I try to call a procedure with a varying number of args, it doesn't map the procedure. It seems like the signatures for the procedures are matched to exact arity.

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answered Feb 24 by Todd Musheno (2,510 points)
Context please
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answered Feb 24 by The-Lu (56,020 points)

Hello D., and all,

For that you can use 'Default argument value', as:

!procedure f(n, a, b, c="<b><color:green>opt")
card n [
!end procedure

f(n1, a, b, c)

f(n2, a, b)


See also doc here: