"No diagram found" error message

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asked Feb 28, 2023 in Bug by Betsemes (120 points)
I'm placing this under bugs because I cannot find any problem; but it could be a mistake on my part. Here are the details:

Java version: OpenJDK 19.0.2

Command line:

$ java -jar plantuml.jar -verbose ./practice/codewars/justify.puml
(0.002 - 64 Mo) 58 Mo - SecurityProfile LEGACY
(0.009 - 64 Mo) 58 Mo - PlantUML Version 1.2023.1
(0.009 - 64 Mo) 58 Mo - GraphicsEnvironment.isHeadless() false
(0.010 - 64 Mo) 58 Mo - Forcing resource load on OpenJdk
(0.175 - 64 Mo) 58 Mo - Found 0 files
No diagram found

BTW I think the PlantUML version I'm running is 1.2023.2 since plantuml.jar is the same size as plantuml-1.2023.2.jar, so that's the jar I'm using.

$ java -jar plantuml.jar -version
PlantUML version 1.2023.1 (Sun Jan 29 08:58:56 AST 2023)
(GPL source distribution)
Java Runtime: OpenJDK Runtime Environment
JVM: OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM
Default Encoding: Cp1252
Language: en
Country: US


Dot version: dot - graphviz version 2.44.1 (20200629.0846)
Installation seems OK. File generation OK

File contents:

@startuml justify_classes
title Justify Classes
class JustifiedLine {
  -words: array<string>
  -word_count: integer
  -char_count: integer
  -min_needed_spaces: integer
  -num_gaps_to_increment: integer
  +toString(): string
  .. Getters ..
  +getWords(): array<string>
  +getWordCount(): integer
  +getCharCount(): integer
  +getMinNeededSpaces(): integer
  +getNumGapsToIncrement(): integer
  .. Setters ..
  +setWords(array<string>): JustifiedLine
  +setWordCount(integer): JustifiedLine
  +setCharCount(integer): JustifiedLine
  +setMinNeededSpaces(integer): JustifiedLine
  +setNumGapsToIncrement(integer): JustifiedLine
note top of JustifiedLine
  Contains an array of a single line of text
  to justify plus associated methods.
end note

class JustifiedText {
  +construct(str:string, len:integer)
  -explode(inout initial_index:integer): array
  -add(word_arr:array<string>): void
  +render(): string
  .. Getters ..
  +getOriginalString(): string
  +getTargetWidth(): integer
  +getLineList(): array[JustifiedLine]
  .. Setters ..
  +setOriginalString(string): JustifiedText
  +setTargetWidth(integer): JustifiedText
  +setLineList(array[JustifiedLine]): JustifiedText
note top of JustifiedText
  Contains an array of objects of
  JustifiedLine class.
end note

JustifiedText "1" o-- "+" JustifiedLine : line_list >

note right of JustifiedText::render()
  returns the string result of the justified text.
end note
note right of JustifiedLine::num_gaps_to_increment
  number of gaps to sum one to its needed spaces
end note
note right of JustifiedLine::char_count
  total characters in the word array,
  does not include spaces
end note


@startuml justify_justified_text_class_constructor
title JustifiedText Class Constructor
partition "**__method__** JustifiedText::construct(//__str__//:string, //__len__//:integer)" {
  //__len__// ]
  :initialize //index// to zero;
  while (//index//) is (not **null**)
      modifies //index// to the beginning
      of the next line of text.
      sets //index// to **null** to signal
      the end of the string.
    end note

@startuml justify_justified_text_explode_method
title JustifiedText Class explode Method
partition "__**method**__ JustifiedText::explode(inout //__index__//:integer): array"
//__index__// ]
if (length of //**this**.getOriginalString()//) is (less than //__index__ + **this**.getTargetWidth()-1//) then
  :set //length// to //__index__+**this**.getTargetWidth()//
else (otherwise)
  :set //length// to //**this**.getTargetWidth()//;
while (original_text[__index__+length]) is (not space)
  :loop decrementing the length until
  the text length points to a space;
:extract the string starting at //__index__// and through
the decremented length minus one;
:set //__index__// to //__index__ + length + 1//;
:explode the extracted string
and return the resulting array;

@startuml justify_justified_text_add_method
title JustifiedText Class add Method
partition "__**method**__ JustifiedText::add(//__word_arr__//:array<string>):JustifiedText"
//__word_arr__// ]
:line_item = new JustifiedLine(//__word_arr__//);
:call //line_item.setWordCount(__word_arr__ size)//;
floating note
  wi: target width
  c: total characters w/o gaps
  wo: total words
  wo-1: word gaps
  wi-c: spaces needed between words
  (wi-c)/(wo-1): last gap spaces
  (wi-c)%(wo-1): gaps to increment
end note
:sum the amount of characters of all
the words in //__word_arr__// and call
 //line_item.setCharCount(the sum)//;

if (//(**this**.getTargetWidth()//) is (1) then
  :call //line_item.setMinNeededSpaces(0);
  :call //line_item.setNumGapsToIncrement(0);
else (otherwise)
  :call //line_item.setMinNeededSpaces(//
  // /(line_item.getWordCount()-1))//;

  :call //line_item.setNumGapsToIncrement((**this**.target_width//
  // **mod** (line_item.getWordCount()-1))//;

:add line_item to line_list;
:return //this//;

@startuml justify_justified_text_render_method
title JustifiedText Class render Method
partition __**method**__ JustifiedText::render(): string
while (there is still //line_list// items)
  :call //toString()// method on each
  //line_list// item and append each
  result+newline to //result//;
  :next line_list item;
  if (line_list item) is (last) then
    :call //toString(yes)//;
    :append string result to //result//;
    :next line_list item;
:return //result//;

@startuml justify_justified_line_tostring_method
title JustifiedLine Class toString Method
partition __**method**__ JustifiedLine::toString(//__last__//=no): string

//__last__// ]
  The //__last__// parameter indicates
  whether or not the string to
  render is the last one.
end note

:initialize //word_count// to //**this**.getWordCount()//;
if (//__last__//?) is (yes) then
  :initialize //min_needed_//
  //spaces// to one;
  :initialize //num_gaps_to_//
  //increment// to zero;
else (no)
  :initialize //min_needed_spaces//
  to //**this**.getMinNeededSpaces()//;
  :initialize //num_gaps_to_increment//
  to //**this**.getNumGapsToIncrement()//;
:initialize //result// to empty string;
while ()
  :append the current word to //result//;
  :decrement //word_count//;
  if (//word_count//) is (zero) then
  :append //**this**.getMinNeededSpaces()// spaces to //result//;
  if (//num_gaps_to_increment//) is (not zero) then
    :append one more space to //result//;
    :decrement //num_gaps_to_increment//;
:return //result//;

@startuml justify_justified_line_constructor
title JustifiedLine Class Constructor
partition __**method**__ JustifiedLine::construct(//__word_arr__//)
:call //**this**.setWords(__word_arr__)//;

@startuml justify_function
title justify Function
partition //__**function**__// justify(//__str__//, //__len__//)
:initialize //justified_text// to
new JustifiedText(//__str__//, //__len__//);
:return //justified_text//.render();

***File contents truncated to satisfy text size limits***

Any clue or hint on whatever I'm doing wrong, if any, is much appreciated.

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answered Feb 28, 2023 by plantuml (295,000 points)
selected Feb 28, 2023 by Betsemes
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There might be some issue in PlantUML, however the line (0.175 - 64 Mo) 58 Mo - Found 0 files suggests that either ./practice/codewars/justify.puml does not exists or is not readable.

Could you try with a file in the current directory:

java -jar plantuml.jar -verbose justify.puml

Another possibility is some char encoding issue withing your text file.

commented Feb 28, 2023 by Betsemes (120 points)
I found the problem. I was in practice/codewars. No wonder it couldn't find the file. Thank you for the hints. Now it's working.