Wanna contribute in writing my know-how tutorial for PlantUML and VSCode with T4 and cpp preprocessor techniques

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asked Mar 8, 2023 in Question / help by Buford and Bernardo
Yo, how you doin` I'm pretty much fan of PlantUML. It helps me to survive in my job. I use it with VSCode and mix it with T4 mono templates, Borland c++ preprocessor and linqpad (c# 11 text templates) to create single page htmls with several types of diagrams and slideshows. I can share this sacred knowledge with community and write a tutorial for that. What is needed for that? Whom I can send it?

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answered Mar 8, 2023 by plantuml (295,000 points)
Many thanks for your support!

The best option is probably to create a github users and to publish there your knowledge.

We will then put a link to your documentation on our website.

Does it sound good?
commented Mar 10, 2023 by anonymous
Yes ! It's a pretty good idea!