Auto Indentions and Colouring Schema for Diagrams in VSCode

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asked Nov 5, 2019 in Wanted features by Dhananjay Joshi

I am fairly new to Plantuml and mostly use for Activity Diagrams. It is covering most of my requirements. I develop Diagrams from system flow to line by line code which helps me understand if my code has Bugs or loop holes or i am missing any specific Condition in Code.

I currently use it with VSCode and its very Handy and fast paced to develop. I just want to emphasize that this setup can be drastically improved if you can provide autoindentions for if-else-endif , start-stop, repeat-while, Swimlanes, partitions etc. in VSCode. also Swimlanes does not have a coloring schema in .plantuml file in VSCode. Can you please add that? it will drastically improve

- code readability

-While maintaining pace of developer

- keeping track of application flow.

- finding and fixing actual code bugs based on flow

Many more!

This is a Great Application by plantuml. keep it up!


commented Nov 6, 2019 by albert (2,900 points)
Did you do a quick google like "vscode plantuml indentation"? It gives a.o. Maybe this can help you.

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