Why don't links render from confluence macro when exporting to PDF

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asked Mar 9 in Bug by anonymous
I am trying to export to PDF from confluence, where the page has a sequence diagram where some text has links.  The diagram exports and looks good except there is no link.

Why don't links render from  confluence macro when exporting to PDF
commented Mar 10 by The-Lu (56,020 points)

Hi A.,

Here is the forum of PlantUML himself, not of all plugin...

But, then, in order to help you:

  1. What is your Confluence PlantUML plugin or extension?
  2. How to export diagram (on Confluence) to PDF?

In order to help you,

1 Answer

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answered Mar 10 by Todd Musheno (2,510 points)
I suggest you verify this is an issue with plant uml itself first by generating a broken diagram with plantuml outside the plugin... if you need assistance with that, the support group for your plugin may be a good place to start if you have issues.

Here is the documentation on generating pdfs from plantuml... https://plantuml.com/pdf if you have problems with that, let us know.

This could be an issue with plantuml, or the plugin, however since you are having the issue using the plugin, not plantuml directly, I would suggest you try to rule them out as the source of the issue first...

Or could you share any details you have that might help us to reproduce the error?