Mindmap is not being rendered fully

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asked Apr 19 in Wanted features by anonymous
I am developing a business capability map using mindmap technique in plantuml. I have 12 nodes in level 2, and have an average of 12 nodes for each on Level 3, so total of 144 nodes.  While rendering, the display cuts off after about 60%. Is there a way to get the full mindmap. Any suggestions.

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answered Apr 19 by plantuml (291,180 points)

This sounds like PLANTUML_LIMIT_SIZE . See https://plantuml.com/en/faq#e689668a91b8d065

Does it help?

commented Apr 19 by anonymous
Thanks for your prompt response. I do not admin rights on my work machine, so cannot modify the environment variables. I will start the process of requesting admin rights and will try at that time.
commented Apr 19 by plantuml (291,180 points)
Another option is to try SVG export.

It does not bring any limitation.
commented Apr 19 by anonymous
THANKS a ton for suggestion. SVG export worked great.