I want to split in left direction into 5 nodes and want all those 5 nodes into a group

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asked May 26, 2023 in Question / help by Rohan

Here is the code i have written so far 


:Place Pages;


:Outlet List;

:Shows a list with the outlets

available to audit and their

information (Outlet name, address,

current distance);

split again


:Shows a map with the outlets

available to audit on live location;

end split

:Shows a list of possible audits that are available to the location;


:In store audit;

if(Is the freezer in the store?) then





:Where the freezer is located?

- In-aisle first in line

- In-aisle mid aisle

- In-aisle back aisle

- Front end cap;

:Take a "before" picture of the cool;

:Is the cooler working properly?;



split again

:Product quality audit;

:Select a product with quality issue

(ability to milti-selection);


:Select reason to selection:

- Roll leaking from end/clips

- Roll leaking from cut/puncture

- Bloated roll

- Oxidized product in bag

- Mold in bag

- Bloated bag

- Cut/punctured bag

- Cracked tub

- Visible packaging defect (describe

in additional comments)

- Crushed outer case;

note right


remove cracked tub


:Enter the quantity of units found with

this quality issue;

:Take picture (or select from your

camera roll) of the problem found;

:Take picture (or select from your

camera roll) of date/production code;

repeat while (Selected more than 1 product?) is (yes) not (no)

:End survey and submit;


split again

:Virtual audit;



I want to create a left direction spilt from oone of the node but i am finding it impossible to do so attaching the image:


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