One portout is connected to many portin, the diagram is so unreadable!

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asked Oct 17, 2023 in Question / help by philcage (160 points)
in such example:

left to right direction
skinparam handwritten true
skinparam linetype ortho
skinparam BackgroundColor transparent
skinparam ComponentStyle rectangle

component C1 #ORANGE {
    portout  sys_clk
    portout  sys_rst_n
component B1 {
    component B1.1{
        portin    clk     as B1.1.clk
        portin    rst_n   as B1.1.rst_n
    component B1.2{
        portin    clk     as B1.2.clk
        portin    rst_n   as B1.2.rst_n
    component B1.3{
        portin    clk     as B1.3.clk
        portin    rst_n   as B1.3.rst_n

sys_clk --> B1.1.clk
sys_clk --> B1.2.clk
sys_clk --> B1.3.clk

sys_rst_n --> B1.1.rst_n
sys_rst_n --> B1.2.rst_n
sys_rst_n --> B1.3.rst_n


the connection looks so ugly and unreadable...
commented Oct 18, 2023 by albert (3,540 points)

@plantuml looks like to have to do with

skinparam linetype ortho

disabling this line gives that the connections are correct (but unwanted line type of course)

commented Oct 18, 2023 by philcage (160 points)
Got it.
But  is there other choice with this line type?
commented Oct 18, 2023 by albert (3,540 points)
I quickly see polyline

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