gantt - to support to specify a absolute row number and automatically adjust row layout

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asked Oct 26 in Wanted features by cfcy

What I want are two features:

1. Now use `displays on same row as` to align. As for Task2, can I use something like `[Task2] displays on row 1` to make it on the same row as Task1? As we may have several tasks, if Task2 depends on Task1 and someday Task1 is removed, we had to change the code.

2. The second requirement is I expect Task2.1 sits the same row as Task1.1. But it's not. I have to specify it. Is it possible Task2.1 will automatically align to Task1.1?

gantt plantuml code:


[Task1] lasts 4 days
then [Task1.1] lasts 4 days
[Task1.2] starts at [Task1]'s end and lasts 7 days

[Task2] starts 3 days after [Task1]'s end
[Task2] displays on same row as [Task1]
[Task2] lasts 15 days
then [Task2.1] lasts 4 days
'[Task2.1] displays on same row as [Task1.1]

commented Nov 1 by os2man4 (100 points)
I am also looking for this feature or a way to do something similar.  I would like to automate the creation of the chart by inputting data from Excel, being able to bin tasks to the same row using a common name would be exactly the tool I need to create the diagram the way I would like to.

It would work if there was a way to make a hidden task... then I could just put the same items on the row of the hidden task, is there a way to do that?

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