Feature Request: Function to Retrieve Active Participants in Sequence Diagrams

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asked Dec 7, 2023 in Wanted features by anonymous
Hello PlantUML Team and Community,

I am writing to propose a new feature for PlantUML that I believe would be highly beneficial for users working with sequence diagrams. My suggestion is to implement a built-in function that allows users to retrieve the name of the currently active participant (lifeline) in a sequence diagram, especially when 'autoactivate on' is used.

Feature Description:
- The function would dynamically identify which participant is currently active in the diagram.
- This would be particularly useful in complex diagrams where multiple participants are activated and deactivated throughout the sequence.
- The function could return the name or identifier of the active participant, enhancing the ability to automate or script parts of the diagram creation process.

Use Case:
This function would be extremely useful in scenarios where the sequence diagram is complex, and keeping track of the active participant becomes challenging. It would also aid in scripting and automating parts of the diagram creation, making the process more efficient.

I believe this feature would be a valuable addition to PlantUML, improving its functionality and user experience. I am eager to hear your thoughts on this suggestion.

Thank you for considering my proposal.

Best regards,

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