How to eliminate the diamond at the end of the switch case

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asked Jan 2 in Question / help by jack41402 (160 points)

I use a switch case in the flow chart, but there is always a diamond at the end of the switch case.

Even though I enable `ConditionEndStyle hline` the diamond shape is still there.

How do I eliminate it?

BTW, is it possible to make the arrow in the switch case not distort?

skinparam ConditionEndStyle hline

switch (state)
    case (unlock)
    :status unlocked
    status changed;
    case (alarm)
    :status alarm
    status changed;
    case (default)
    :status locked
    status not changed;

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answered Jan 29 by chris (2,580 points)
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Using kill or detach:

To answer the second question. The boxes need to be the same size. At the moment I found a workaround using a monospaced font, hope this works well enough for you? I'm not aware of any option to get the boxes to distribute evenly without a fudge. This workaround uses the Creole syntax:

If you wanted to disambiguate the summary from the statement, you could monospace the summary (as it's the longest bit) and do something like this:

( Click on the images to see the code )