Using `autonumber` in a sequence diagram removes support for \l left alignment

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asked Mar 28 in Question / help by tillig (120 points)

We have a system where we want the messages on a sequence diagram to generally always be centered on the line, but if someone wants to include some code (like JSON response info) in the example, just that section might be left-aligned. This can be done by adding a \l to the end of a line and it works great.

We just discovered that if you add autonumber to a sequence diagram, it ignores the \l alignment and everything becomes centered. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

@startuml Demo
skinparam sequenceMessageAlign center

' If you have autonumber, the \l characters do NOT
' left-align the associated lines. If you remove
' autonumber, the messages are correctly centered
' by default with the \l left-aligning just those
' lines.

Client -> Server: ""GET /property""
Server -> Server: Do work
Server -> Client: ""HTTP/1.1 200 OK""\l\l\
"" "property": "value"""\l\

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