Support for composite structure diagram, notably parts

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asked Apr 2 in Wanted features by Ansgar

Dear all,

unless I'm mistaken, PlantUML offers a component diagram, but not a composite structure diagram. The main difference is that the latter supports parts (part usage in SysML v2) and connections between (ports of) parts, I can have nested components in the component diagram, but not parts, i.e. elements typed with existing components (representing the role that the instances of referenced components play in a composition).

A current workaround is to use nested components with a ":" in the name, but this requires a redefinition of parts as nested components and that port names are unique. In the following example of a HifiSystem with two speakers, it requires to rename the port of the right speaker, although it is the same port. Is there any work in this directions?

Best regards


component HifiSystem {
  component "a: Amplifier" {
    port outL
    port outR
  component "left: Speaker" {
    port in

  component "right: Speaker" {
    port in2
  outL -- in
  outR -- in2

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