Some Creole and HTML formatting is not working on Notes (reference guide 1.19)

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I'm learning Sequence Diagram from Reference Guide, according to 1.19 "Creole and HTML", I got some parts not working in my practice.

See my code below:


title Creole and HTML Format in UML

actor Alice

participant "The **Famous** Bob" as Bob

Alice -> Bob: hello --there--

... Some ~~long delay~~ ...

Alice <-- Bob : OK

note left

    This is **bold**

    This is //italics//

    This is ""monospaced""

    This is --stroked--

    This is __underlined__

    This is ~~waved~~


    This is {{globe_logo.png|globe}}, not supported(1)

end note

hnote left of Alice #red

    (1) in above Creole, using {{imagefile|title}}

    is not working

end note

Alice -> Bob : A //well formatted// message

note right of Alice

    This is <back:cadetblue><size:18>**displayed**</size></back>

    __left of__ Alice

end note

note left of Bob

    <u><color:red>This(?)</color></u> is <color #118888>displayed</color> (2)

    **<color purple>left of</color> <s:red>Alice(?)</s> Bob** (3)

end note

hnote left of Bob #red

    (2) in above cannot using <u:red> to set underline color

    and, the underline color is followed the font color

    (3) <s:red> is not working

end note

note over Alice, Bob

    <w:red>This is hosted(?)</w> by <img globe_logo.png> (4)

end note

hnote left of Bob #red

    (4) the <w:#FF33FF> is not working

end note\


The diagram image is like this:

Any hints on why they're not working?

Thanks, Xiaoqi

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Hello X.,

For (1), Could you precise where on the doc. the form {imagefile|title}} is show, because {{ is for subdiagram not fort link?

For (2), yes there is a little shortcut.... but you can change adding a color as:

Then could you explain:

  • What is your issue with (3) and (4)?
// Yes, there are issue on SVG output but not on PNG... see Request here:
commented Jun 2 by xiaoqi (260 points)

Hi Th.

Thanks for your reply.

For 1), it's from Creole Cheat Sheet:, "Image with Title", I see in our Reference Guide there're several Creole syntax supported, so suppose the Image insert should also work.

For 2) 3) 4), actually they're same issue, I don't see the effects using <u:red></u>, <s:red></s> and <w:#FF33FF></w>

I'm not talking image export, I use VS Code PlantUML extension so I can see preview directly, and the export is no issue.



commented Jun 3 by The-Lu (67,000 points)

Hi X., and all,

For 1), yes plantuml does not support all creole forms and especially the form `{{link|title}}` is not supported by plantuml.

For 2),3) and 4) Here is a test:

:<u:red>u_red</u> <s:red>s_red</s> and <w:#FF33FF>w_mag</w>;
OK on PNG:
KO on SVG:

If that can help,

commented Jun 7 by xiaoqi (260 points)
Hello Th.

Thanks for further testing, now I see the different and it's really help. I normally export to PNG and will keep watching on these.

Regards, Xiaoqi

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Here is your corresponding image: