Hide Entities in WBS Diagram?

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asked Jun 7 in Question / help by schmidtjano (240 points)
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I am trying to add some <<filler>> entities in my WBS diagram to help align other entities better for pure aesthetics reasons. I have set a style to make these entities' border, background and content white. However, the connectors/arrows from their predecessors are still visible.

I have tried `hide <<filler>>` without success.
I have tried fiddling with the `arrow` style settings as follows, also to no avail:

.filler {
  BackgroundColor lightyellow
  LineColor yellow
  FontColor yellow
  arrow {
   :depth(3) {
    LineColor orange

Please see example diagram below (here I turned the three hidden entities yellow so you can see their locations):


Does anyone have a tip how to hide the filler entities or format them to be white-on-white?

Many thanks in advance!


#wbs #style #show-hide-control #hide-connector #hide-arrow

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