Title misalignment on WBS diagram

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asked Jun 14, 2023 in Bug by eduardomozart (360 points)


When creating the following diagram:



node {
    HorizontalAlignment center
    LineColor blue
    BackgroundColor white
    MinimumWidth 115

arrow {
    LineColor grey

* Técnicas de Escaneamento\nCibernético
** Open Scan
** Half Open Scan
*** Version\nDetection Scan
** Stealth Scans
*** SYN|ACK Scan
*** IDLE Scan
*** FIN, XMAS, NULL\nScans
*** ACK Scan
*** Window Scan
*** TCP\nFragmentation\nScan
** Sweep Scans
*** ICMP Echo\nScan
*** ICMP\nTimestamp &\nAddress Mask\nScan
*** TCP SYN Scan
** Miscellaneous Scans
*** FTP Bounce\nScan
*** UDP Scan
*** IP Protocol\nScan
*** RPC Scan


The title ("Técnicas de Escaneamento Cibernético") isn't centered and the tile "Miscellaneous Scans" is also outside of the WBS diagram, as can be seen below:


commented Jun 14, 2023 by eduardomozart (360 points)
It seems to be related with the "MinimumWidth" propriety, but I believe it should be able to center align anyway.

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