Can use !include $var

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asked Jun 20 in Question / help by EGR

Can the !include directive be used where the parameter is a variable?


!$v = "/Users/Projects/classA.puml"

!include $v


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answered Jun 20 by kirchsth (6,240 points)

Hello @EGR,

!include with variables is basically working, you can even combine it with fix parts like in following sample (click on the image and you see the source)

Based on the /Users/....  it looks for me like a problem with local files.
Does it work if you use the path directly?
Did you check this link? How to pass a search path for "!include" files ? - PlantUML Q&A

commented Jun 20 by egr

Indeed, it is a path to a local file, on macOS.
This path is just an example.
I have tested the include from a variable, it works correctly if it is from Github.



commented Jun 21 by kirchsth (6,240 points)


is following working?


!include "/Users/Projects/classA.puml"


BR Helmut