ELK layout engine: can svg support the same <g id=""> </g> containers approach as for the default engine?

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asked 4 days ago in Wanted features by boshka (3,960 points)
edited 4 days ago by boshka
when an svg is generated using the default layout engine it includes the group (or cluster) containers:

<g id="">

<rect ...

<rect ...


(those are typically marked with "<!--cluster comp_name-->" comment in the svg code)

Can those be supported the same way for the svg generated with ELK engine?

In my case those containers are used by the element selector procedures in the UI. It would be great to follow the same conventions used for the default layout engine.

BTW: ELK-generated diagrams looks great and in many case become much more readable (specifically, the links annotations in component diagrams)

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