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asked Sep 16, 2014 in To be sorted by anonymous
While trying  to understand the PlantUML schema license to adopt the right one for my projects, I looked at two projects to have an idea about which version they choosed.

For example the integration wth IntelliJ Idea uses the LGPL version, ok so it's compatible with the IntelliJ itself.

But when i checked the Eclipse pluging I found the GPL version, there is not problem with PlantUML because it has also the EPL license. However in these cases you need also double licensing also for all used library
as stated here https://www.fsf.org/blogs/licensing/using-the-gpl-for-eclipse-plug-ins

It seems to me for example that Ditaa does not have a double license that permit to use it with eclipse. I did not check the other used libraries.

So my question is: is this  a violation of the GPL license with respect to the ditaa project or I'm not understanding licensing details?



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answered Sep 16, 2014 by plantuml (279,680 points)

Well, after reading your link, it seems that you are right.
The Eclipse Plugin does indeed a violation of the GPL license since Ditaa (for example) does not allow other licenses than GPL.

As you have stated, we should not have used the GPL version but we should have used the EPL version of PlantUML for the Eclipse plugin, and we will do so in the future.
For end users, this means that Ditaa diagrams will not work any more with the Eclipse Plugin.

But before doing that, we will communicate about this to warn users of this future change (maybe some lawyer will save us from doing that).

Thanks for pointing this out!