Where is the source code of Eclipse Plug-in and what is its license?

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asked Feb 4, 2014 in To be sorted by anonymous
I've tried to look on this web site as well as to search in google, but couldn't find the source code for the Eclipse Plug-in. It is also unclear under which license it is distributed. The update site contains an (Eclipse p2) content.jar, which only has the default value:

        <license uri='http://www.example.com/license' url='http://www.example.com/license'>
          [Enter License Description here.]

I vaguely recall the I've stumbled upon source code once on github, but it is really not simple to find!

Finally, I want to get thethe source code to try to understand why Eclipse plug-in doesn't work for my users. So far, my best guess is a 32bit/64bit mismatch at PlantUML <--> graphviz interface, but I need facts.

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