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asked Feb 8, 2013 in Can't help by anonymous
Good afternoon;

In  "installation notes" part it mentions that sequence diagrams work without Graphviz. Could anyone can explain how is possible to obtain output image or svg without Graphviz. What is the mechanizm for this ?

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answered Feb 8, 2013 by plantuml (292,220 points)

The standard Java 2D library has been use to generate image (
For SVG output, a custom class SvgGraphics has been written : it's not a very difficult job.

However, even for class diagram, GraphViz is not use to generate the image. GraphViz is only used to compute node position.
The work is done in net.sourceforge.plantuml.svek package.

But as you has noticed, documentation about this is not complete yet :-)

commented Feb 8, 2013 by anonymous
Thanks for the quick reply =) Looking forward for documentations in future.