Relationship between Package --> Package.. Issues

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asked Oct 8, 2014 in Bug by MJ (180 points)

Hi guys,

I am unsure about the syntax for relationship between package --> package (where there are several components declared inside each of these packages) What is the correct syntax to do this, and is it to be done inside or outside the package parameters {} etc? 


 package "SYSTEM1" {  [WPP] [DDD] [Payd] [Asst] [Accc] [General] [NZ] }       

package "SYSTEM2" { [Tax] [Det] [Voy] }


As I said I am not sure the correct way to do this, but I usually get inconsistent results - when declaring the package relationship eg [SYSTEM1]--> [SYSTEM2] inside or outside the { } it always varies depending on the size of my diagram.. sometimes it links from the existing [SYSTEM1] package, but into a newly created [SYSTEM2] not recognising the existing one. What is the correct syntax for package to package relationship?

Many thanks!

commented Oct 8, 2014 by rmric (2,140 points)

Do you have concrete examples of the different behaviors?

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