URL in name of link not working in class diagram

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asked Oct 23, 2014 in Closed bug by anonymous
recategorized Oct 24, 2014
if you specify the name of a link to be a URL, it will not be recognized:

Car - Wheel :[[http://google.com test]]


adding some character before the name is a workaround:


Car - Wheel :_[[http://google.com test]]

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answered Oct 23, 2014 by plantuml (295,000 points)
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This has been fixed in version 8009.

Thanks again for the report!
commented Oct 24, 2014 by anonymous
whow, that was quick. Thank you.
commented Dec 3, 2014 by Jerome2606 (100 points)
I use the PlantUML confluence plugin and this is not ok in my current version (8004 on version 5.5 in confluence).
Is there a way to upgrade the plantUML version in confluence plugin?