How to change this Activity Diagram to the new syntax?

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asked Apr 2, 2015 in To be sorted by anonymous
(*) --> setp1
if successful? then 
-> [false] setp1
-> [true] setp4
end if
-> setp5
if successful? then
-> [false] setp3
-> [true]setp6
end if

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answered Apr 2, 2015 by plantuml (265,060 points)

It's not easy to convert this to the new syntax.

One close solution would be:

repeat while (successful?) -> false
-> true;
repeat while (successful?) -> false

But that's not exactly your example.

The difficulty is that the new activity beta syntax is close to usual C/Java/C#/VB/Python/C++ language.

Implementing your example (especially the link back to step3 ) with those languages is not that easy, because it breaks execution flow.