problem with dot.exe

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asked Apr 8, 2015 in Bug by uwong15 (360 points)

my graphviz dot.exe crash while i convert using plantUML from java.



so, result :



my code is :

package mypackage {
hide mencoba circle
interface mencoba #B4A7E5{
hide abstrak circle
abstract class abstrak #A9DCDF{
hide coba circle
class coba #yellow{
hide diagram circle
class diagram #yellow{
package java.applet {

package java.lang.reflect {
class Field
class Method
class Constructor
class Parameter
class Modifier
package java.util {
class StringTokenizer
class LinkedList
class Iterator
package java.util.regex {
class Pattern
class Matcher
package javax.swing {
class JComponent
class JPanel
class JLabel
class JTextArea
class JTextField
class JButton
class JScrollPane
class JFileChooser
class JFrame
class ActionMap
class Action
class JTree
class JMenu
class JMenuBar
class JMenuItem
class Icon
class ImageIcon
class JTabbedPane
class UIManager
class JOptionPane
class JRootPane
package javax.swing.border {
class LineBorder
package javax.swing.filechooser {
class FileFilter
package javax.swing.tree {
class DefaultMutableTreeNode
class DefaultTreeModel
class TreeModel
class DefaultTreeCellRenderer
package java.awt.event {
class ActionListener
class ActionEvent
class MouseMotionListener
class MouseListener
class MouseEvent
package java.awt {
class GridLayout
class BorderLayout
class Graphics
class Font
class FontMetrics
class Color
class Dimension
package {
class File
class BufferedReader
class FileReader
package {
class URL
class URLClassLoader

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answered Apr 8, 2015 by plantuml (208,280 points)
Could you try with the latest version of PlantUML (8022) ?

commented Apr 8, 2015 by anonymous
yes, it's same.
error on dot.exe.
commented Apr 8, 2015 by plantuml (208,280 points)
Ok, we will have a look a it.
You can change your -right-> and -left-> arrows to regular --> arrows.
It would probably help.
commented Apr 8, 2015 by anonymous
i was try at all.
but if i remove class in the package, it's no problem.