closed Can PlantUML Confluence-Plugin process DOT input?

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asked Oct 19, 2014 in Wanted features by moishe (260 points)
closed Nov 11, 2014 by moishe
Is it possible to input DOT into PlantUML, perhaps using something like a @startdot/@enddot or @startliteral/@endliteral block? This would be great in Confluence as one would not need a separate graphviz-plugin for this purpose.
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commented Apr 1, 2015 by mgriffel (300 points)
You can use the {plantuml} Confluence macro. If you set the type to "dot" than you can paste DOT syntax to generate diagrams.

See for more details.

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answered Oct 20, 2014 by plantuml (295,000 points)

If you look at this

You will see some information about what you are trying to do.

commented Oct 20, 2014 by moishe (260 points)
Excellent, thank you!

As this is already in the production version, will it be incorporated into the Language Reference Guide or is it meant to be undocumented/unsupported?