syntax checker does not work

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asked Mar 10, 2013 in To be sorted by anonymous
edited Mar 11, 2013

Good evening; 

I was testing syntax checker of plantuml in web page.However, it does not work like it is described in this page;

I used this code;


actor Bob
actor Bob
Bob -> Alice : hello

from command line i got output like this 


(2 participants)

Thus, I tired to call this one from java like this;

SyntaxResult result=checker.checkSyntax(code);

System.out.println(result.getSuggest());  // this one does not give anything wtih same sample code 

System.out.println(result.getDescription()); // this outputs (2 participants)


Could you tell me how can i use syntax inside the java and why it does not respond like in web page ?

Regards ..


commented Mar 12, 2013 by anonymous
Anyone could recommend me something about these please? Still could not find a way to get messages like in developers page.

Regards ....
commented Mar 12, 2013 by plantuml (279,680 points)
The documentation is still poor, but we will update it.
You will find also some information here:
The Checker seems to work fine. Which error exactly did you get ?
commented Mar 12, 2013 by anonymous
thanks for the information. My problem is when i test(command line) the code from developers page without modifying anything. I can not get ERROR
Duplicate participant : Bob

Instead i got


(2 participants)

Do i need to define my grammar  like in


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