Syntax error causes 10x slower syntax checking and generation of image

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asked May 23, 2016 in Bug by krasa (800 points)

without syntax error  - all images generated in: 5,5s

with syntax error : 52s

SyntaxChecker#checkSyntaxFair: 52s

using beta

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answered May 23, 2016 by plantuml (257,860 points)
selected Jun 8, 2016 by krasa
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Thanks for the feedback, and the complete example : it really helps!

This was caused by the parser which is far from beeing optimized.

We have not fully fixed the issue, but we have a beta version that works faster.

You can download it here

Tell us if it's working for you!
commented May 23, 2016 by krasa (800 points)
amazing, seems pretty fixed to me, thanks!