Please provide a skinparam LegendBorderThickness

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asked Sep 16, 2016 in Closed feature request by JohannesMeier (460 points)

Please provide a skinparam LegendBorderThickness.

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answered Sep 16, 2016 by plantuml (294,540 points)
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The last beta allows this:

skinparam Legend {
  BorderColor blue
  BorderThickness 5.0
  FontStyle italic

skinparam NoteBorderThickness 2.0

alice -> bob
legend right
  This is the Legend!
end legend

You can also set BorderThickness on notes:

skinparam NoteBorderThickness 3
skinparam NoteBorderColor green

note as node1
  This is a test note!
end note

note as node2
  This is a test note!
end note

class foo
foo -- node2


Is this what you are looking for ?

commented Sep 16, 2016 by JohannesMeier (460 points)
Yes, I looked for this feature. Thanks for the fast implementation! It works fine for me.