Empty package with "Folder" style shows strange text

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asked Sep 28, 2016 in Bug by JohannesMeier (460 points)
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while printing different kinds of packages, I found the following strange behaviour of packages:


package "Folder1" as node1 <<Folder>> {
package "Folder2" as node2 <<Folder>> {
  class content




The problem of the empty package with the Folder style is, that it shows its label (from my point of view: this is internal information and should be hidden) and its name together.

My suggestion for improving the visualization of an empty package: Remove "Folder1" and replace "node1" by "Folder1".

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answered Jun 18, 2019 by te_ess (140 points)
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I have encountered a similar problem...

when using a shortname of a package the rendering of 2 different empty packages "EMPTY 1" and "EMPTY 2" differs as soon as I  add another non-empty package (P2 in the case below)

please find the diagram with package P2


and without P2



    package "EMPTY 1" as P1 {

    package "EMPTY 2" {

package "non empty1" as P2{