SVG monospace output has wrong font-family

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asked Jan 31, 2017 in Bug by bbolli (120 points)
I'm not sure if this is a libbatik problem or not:

When I generate monospaced output using the Creole ""monospace"" syntax, the SVG font-family attribute is output as "monospaced" which renders in a proportional font in Firefox Nightly on macOS Sierra. Editing the font-family to "monospace" (note the dropped "d" at the end) in the SVG file fixes the display.

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answered Feb 1, 2017 by plantuml (257,940 points)
selected Feb 1, 2017 by bbolli
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You are probably right : there should be no "d" at the end for "monospace".

Note that the "d" comes from the way Java names monospaced font (so with an ending "d").

Anyway, here is a beta that fixes the issue:

Thanks for the report!
commented Feb 1, 2017 by bbolli (120 points)
Thanks, this beta works fine!