Class attribute font size issue with SVG output

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asked Jun 19, 2017 in Bug by lxxc (200 points)


I have some problem with attribute font size when I try to render following plantuml sample in SVG:

skinparam class {
    AttributeFontSize 16
    AttributeFontName Courier
class FontSizeIssue {
    int     attribute1
    float   <color:blue>attribute2</color>
With the monospaced font "Courier", both attribute names should be aligned as it is correctly done with PNG output
But with SVG output it is not the case.
It sounds like a bug. There is a possible workaround to force a correct SVG ouput by using Creole syntax anywhere on attribute1 definition but this is a bit heavy when you have plenty attributes...

1 Answer

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answered Jun 29, 2017 by plantuml (294,540 points)
Thanks for the report.

It looks like a SVG issue : we change "space" to "non-breaking-space" in SVG when Courier/Monospace font is used. It seems to fix the issue.

You can use the last beta:

Tell us if it's not working for you,