Provide a way to include multiple files via command line

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asked Mar 12, 2017 in Closed feature request by kyb (180 points)

I would like to be able to include files like:

-I=path/to/file.puml	       To include file as if '!include file.puml' were used
-I=path/to/folder/             The same but all files in folder
-I=path/to/folder/*.skinparam  The same by pattern

I expect to use this feature to `!include style.skinparam`. And I would like to have ability to change a style without changing source files.

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answered Mar 13, 2017 by plantuml (295,000 points)
selected Mar 23, 2018 by Anthony-Gaudino
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Thank for your proposal.

There is a flag that sounds like what you are looking for:
java -jar plantuml.jar -config /path/to/file.puml

However, there could be right now only one single config file (but file.puml can itself contain several !include lines)

Since we find your syntax proposal more clear, so in future version, we added:

java -jar plantuml.jar -I/path/to/file.puml -I/path/to/folder/*.skinparam

A beta with the -I option is available here

This has not been widely tested, so feedback welcome!