Tooltip not working on sequence diagram

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asked Mar 27, 2017 in Closed question / help by anonymous

L2SIP->UCC: [[{{\n "id" : "tid.L2Sip_a4742780-8d21df54-24eb35-4d86200a@",\n "time" : "2017-03-22T20:32:20.391Z",\n "msgType" : "http.req",\n "msg" : {\n "ua" : "WX2_L2SIP/5199 (wpsjc-prod)",\n "uid" : "de5de166-7c44-462a-abc3-72b0e0b93e99",\n "tid" : "L2Sip_a4742780-8d21df54-24eb35-4d86200a@",\n "path" : "/ucm-service/api/v1/userDiscovery",\n "method" : "GET",\n "query" : ""\n },\n "srcType" : "L2SIP",\n "src" : {\n "ip" : "",\n "port" : 33404\n },\n "dstType" : "UCC",\n "dst" : {\n "ip" : "",\n "port" : 61339,\n "thread" : "nioconnector5"\n }\n}}]][GET] /ucm-service/api/v1/userDiscovery [2017-03-22T20:32:20.391Z]


It looks like the above tooltip sample is not working now, but it was working well on plantuml version 8045





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answered Mar 28, 2017 by plantuml (229,920 points)


Tooltip and URL syntax has been slightly changed. See

Your example should be rewrite as :


L2SIP->UCC [[{{\n "id" : "tid.L2Sip_a4742780-8d21df54-24eb35-4d86200a@",\n "time" : "2017-03-22T20:32:20.391Z",\n "msgType" : "http.req",\n "msg" : {\n "ua" : "WX2_L2SIP/5199 (wpsjc-prod)",\n "uid" : "de5de166-7c44-462a-abc3-72b0e0b93e99",\n "tid" : "L2Sip_a4742780-8d21df54-24eb35-4d86200a@",\n "path" : "/ucm-service/api/v1/userDiscovery",\n "method" : "GET",\n "query" : ""\n },\n "srcType" : "L2SIP",\n "src" : {\n "ip" : "",\n "port" : 33404\n },\n "dstType" : "UCC",\n "dst" : {\n "ip" : "",\n "port" : 61339,\n "thread" : "nioconnector5"\n }\n}}]] : [GET] /ucm-service/api/v1/userDiscovery [2017-03-22T20:32:20.391Z]


Notice that the ":" has been moved

This example is not working on the online server because the server does not accept too long lines (this limitation does not occur with on premise installation)

Hope this helps!

commented Mar 28, 2017 by anonymous
It works now with new syntax change. Thanks a lot.
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answered Mar 28, 2017 by PeterBakker (280 points)
In general (unrelated to the example given here): when you don't see tooltips (and you are using a new jar with the new syntax) it can also be a browser issue. E.g. I noticed that tooltips don't work on IE11 (tested under Windows 7) or the Edge browser. But it works with the Chrome browser..