Grouping: Branch to different partition using if with Activity-Beta?

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asked Jun 9, 2017 in Bug by vam (120 points)

Is it possible to branch from from one partition to two other distinct partitions from an if statement?

In the old activity language, there was a minor workaround:  I had to declare the activity within the partition before using it:

(*) --> a1
partition P2 {
  'must declare activity within partition before using it'
  ap2 --> ap2
partition P3 {
  'must declare activity within partition before using it'
  ap3 --> ap3
partition P1 {
  'decision with activities destined in other parititions'
  a1 --> ap1
  --> if "decision" then
    --> [true] "ap2"
    --> [false] "ap3"

I cannot figure out how to do it with the new Activity-Beta language.  The problem is that I do not know how to reference another node in this new sequential language.  If my request is possible, please let me know and I would suggest adding an example to the website.  If not, I would like to request this new feature.




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