MS Office *.eps support disabled and no support for SVG

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asked Oct 19, 2017 in Wanted features by igormf (120 points)

As you can see here Microsoft has disabled in recent security updates importing *.eps vector images and as you can also see here Microsoft has added SVG vector images support only for Office360 subscriptions (lame!).

So now we are stuck having to use *.emf files even in Word 2016. Is there a straight way of exporting such files from PlantUML? Thank you

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answered Oct 19, 2017 by plantuml (291,140 points)
Not sure that directly generating *.emf files is possible in Java.

We could do something similar to PDF (see ) to export EMF but it's really not clear whether Batik/Fop is supporting EMF export.

Another possible option : if you find some command line tool that convert .eps/.svg to .emf, we could also use it to do the EMF export.
commented Oct 19, 2017 by igormf (120 points)