Is there an upper limit of number of characters for a salt mock UI

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asked Dec 5, 2017 in Bug by Adam
Hi there,

I am building a mock UI for a setup screen which consists of a grid with various elements. When I add characters to certain cells in the grid, I get a Syntax Error

For example, I have a document which has the text

    Employ | "//Employee" | Required | Required | Reject Document | Reject Document

If I change this to

    Employe | "//Employee" | Required | Required | Reject Document | Reject Document

Plantuml crashes

Weirdly, it doesn't have a problem with extending the length with some other characters, so this is fine

    Employ111111111111111111111111111 | "//Employee" | Required | Required | Reject Document | Reject Document

I am seeing the error in both my Chrome plugin as well as the test server at which returns a 400 bad request error

I have a document but unfortunately it has some commercially sensitive prototypes in it. I haven't been able to strip this out without also somehow avoiding the crash. I am happy to share the document with the developers but unfortunately can't attach it to a publicly visible ticket. Let me know how I can upload it privately if you need both working and crashing documents.

commented Dec 13, 2017 by Adam
I have emailed the scenario to plantuml at gmail dot com as per the instruction on the demo server 400 page for suspected bugs.

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