Overlapping of arrows when large diagram

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asked Dec 25, 2017 in Wanted features by nikhil (520 points)
Hello Team,

This is one of the issues/limitation that I am facing with PlantUML. It works properly when the diagram is small and has less number of arrows. But when the diagram grows gradually and number of arrows present are in large numbers to a single block, then all the arrows gets overlapped which makes the diagram look messy.

Do we have or can provide any setting which basically should adjust all the arrows and the blocks automatically so that it does not overlap with any of the others.

This would be of great help and a sigh reliever !

Thank you !
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Or Is there any way to tell graphViz to avoid overlapping of arrows since GraphViz is responsible for creating and placing the blocks?

I am currently creating SVG from Java Code as mentioned (http://plantuml.com/api).

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answered Oct 10, 2020 by boldandbusted (260 points)
I'd love to find a path out of overlapping arrow bodies over objects, as well. :) Cheers!