Component diagrams provided and required interface port support

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asked Feb 22, 2018 in Wanted features by cilerler (120 points)
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I'm trying to create diagram below and it is not that easy since component diagram doesn't support ports feature marked with (2) and (3).  

(2) Provided Interface Port Represents a group messages or calls that a component implements and that other components or external systems can use. A port is a property of a component that has an interface as its type.

(3) Required Interface Port Represents a group of messages or calls that the component sends to other components or external systems. The component is designed to be coupled to components that provide at least these operations. The port has an interface as its type.

Is there any way to add those into road map?  

Thanks in advance.

Full specifications and reference

Elements used on component diagrams

another exampleThe major elements of UML component diagram - component, provided interface, required interface, port, connectors.

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