Put note to left/right of partition box in Activity Diagram inside of if

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asked May 1, 2018 in Bug by ssnyder (230 points)

I have the following code:

:start node;
if (something is true) then (yes)
    partition example {
        :some other node;
        :and another;
        note left: this works
    note left: this is in the wrong place
:end of my example;

I've tried rendering this using the latest Eclipse plugin and the latest plantuml.jar, both show the note that is clearly after the partition has ended.  

However, if I move the note to AFTER the endif, it shows correctly (I suspect it is showing to the left of the if, and luckily it is positioned near my partition)

Can we please fix the note that should be to the left of the partition inside of the if?


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