Is there a way to add text above and below the same arrow in sequence diagram?

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asked May 4, 2018 in Question / help by dan
Something like (ignore the syntax, it would probably conflict with something, just trying to give an example):

A -> B : {above}Hello, {below}World

Which would result in an arrow from participant A to B, and there would be "Hello" above the arrow, and "World" below the same arrow.

Is that possible?

commented Apr 23, 2019 by anonymous
Also looking for a way to do this!
commented Apr 4, 2022 by anonymous
Looking for that either.

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answered Jan 10 by Mark
I also look for such improvement. In my case message over arrow is message name, and below arrow I'd like to insert specific parameters for that message. Something like "UEAuthentication_Request" above arrow, and below "SUCI, SN-Name"