Devicons and Font Awesome library in @salt

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asked Jun 20, 2018 in Wanted features by gsilva (160 points)

It would be great if Devicons and Font Awesome library could be used in @salt wink, this would help create nicer menus.


@startsalt ProcessMenu

!include <font-awesome/common.puml>

!include <font-awesome/gears.puml>


{* Administración | <$gears> Procesos | Reportes | Seguridad

Procesos | Asignar Prendas }



With the latest version reports this error:

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answered Jun 21, 2018 by plantuml (257,860 points)

Ok, good idea!

We add a special syntax to scale the sprites (using a star). So with last beta you can have:

!include <font-awesome/gears.puml>
{^"My group box<$gears*.3>"
  Login    | "<$gears*.3>MyName   "
  Password | "****     "
  [Cancel] | [  OK<$gears*.3>   ]

Is this what you are looking for ?

This has not been really tested, so feeback welcome!

commented Jun 26, 2018 by gsilva (160 points)
We're on the right track.
But unfortunately it still fails for a drop-down menu.
If the menu is not foldable, the icon is drawn.
Another problem that arises is the background color of the icon versus the background color of the menu.
I'll report that in another issue anyway.