Why is text so stretched?

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asked Jul 11, 2018 in Bug by anonymous
edited Jul 12, 2018

Both of these should be Arial Narrow, one in Wordpad on Windows 7, and one output from a PlantUML Docker container, with this skinparam added:

skinparam StateAttributeFontName Arial Narrow

Any ideas why text from the PlantUML server is so stretched horizontally (or squashed vertically)?

This is across all fonts - they all look chubby!

EDIT: changed link to Imgur

commented Jul 12, 2018 by albert (2,540 points)
You mentioned "Both of these" but I don't see anything. Please add an eample / images to your post.
(I hope this message reaches you as it has been posted by "Anonymous").
commented Jul 12, 2018 by anonymous
Oops, my Dropbox link didn't work. Here's one to Imgur: https://i.imgur.com/EYffO7p.png
commented Jul 12, 2018 by albert (2,540 points)
Can you please also show the used plantuml code for it as well as the plantuml version (java -Djava.awt.headless=true -jar <jar_file>  -version)
commented Jul 12, 2018 by anonymous
I used the first party Docker image to make the plantuml-server.
> sudo docker run -d -p 8450:8080 plantuml/plantuml-server:jetty
The bottom of the webpage says: PlantUML Server 20180625-1912 / version 1201808
I'm not sure how to run that command on the Docker container. When it boots, it spits out:
jetty-9.4.9.v20180320; built: 2018-03-20T12:21:10Z; git: 1f8159b1e4a42d3f79997021ea1609f2fbac6de5; jvm 1.8.0_171-8u171-b11-1~deb9u1-b11

I can't see any .jar files in the image, just a .war file.

Here's a new comparison: https://i.imgur.com/uOAZqXb.png

Full snippet:
> @startuml
> skinparam StateAttributeFontName Arial Narrow
> scale 500 width
> Bob -> Alice : jumping fox
> @enduml

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answered Jul 24, 2018 by Rob Oxspring
Pure speculation... could it be that the font directive is being ignored because the Docker image doesn't have the relevant font installed?

(Not sure how to install a font into the Docker image... hadn't ever considered adjusting the font!)